About me


My name is Thomas and I have discovered the photography during my enfance with disposable camera but it's with the beginning of numeric cameras where I start more and more interesting me on photography. It was during the first affordable DSLR that I became passionate and it was on a Pentax K20d (my father's) and then a Pentax K7 that I took my first steps.

After having made my weapons on this mark I went to Canon because of a lack of lens and technology lagging behind other brands and practice that I wanted to do. I have since acquired several gears and lens that you will find in details below.

Since 2012, I have been specializing in motor sports and more specifically in motorcycles domains. I participate in various French championships such as FSBK, PromoSport or WERC. The endurance championship (EWC) is one of the events I regularly attend with Motors Events Team.

Recently I have the chance to cover the entire WSBK within the Fleembo and ProDina teams but also some rounds of the prestigious MotoGP world championship.



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